Current Lines

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Feel Better Now

 Whew. I was worried there for a minute. Much better now!

**tongue firmly planted in cheek**

From the Full Tilt website.
“All players who were affected by the current situation have had their funds returned to their accounts and all new withdrawal requests are processing normally. We assure all players on Full Tilt Poker that your online playing experience will not change and that you will be able to both deposit and withdraw funds as needed. Your money remains safe, secure, and accessible at all times.”
So, what's everyone gonna do with their extra time?

Till next time, win the... oh, never mind.


  1. UB/AP are still running. Unfortunately, the same old stuff still happens, like A-7 > A-9 after all in pre-flop.

    Maybe this isn't such a bad thing ...

  2. @ lightning- Unfortunately, I drained my AP account when the cheating scandal came to light a while back. I think I have three cents left!