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Friday, December 21, 2012

Vegas or Bust Poker League Tournament

We had the 12th of our 16 league tournaments last Friday at Tin Man's home. There are ten players vying for the top two places, which both win a trip to Vegas and an entry in the WSOP next summer.

Seated from left to right on your radio dial were Tin Man, Dealer Larry, Lil' Annie Okie, Philly Fanatic, Ollie the Accountant, Big Daddy, J-Dawg, Bobby Dee, Stamps, and your humble scribe, Lucki Duck.

Ollie was the first to fall on his sword, which was painful because he came into the tourney in second place. His early exit dropped him to third in the standings. Big Daddy went out next, followed by another one of our top players, J-Dawg.

I was able to knock out Philly in seventh, then Dealer Larry was felted by Annie. Tin Man went out in fifth, which was pretty good considering that he was on some strong pain meds following a surgical procedure on Wednesday.

I played the part of the Grim Reaper to both Stamps and Bobby Dee, knocking them both out with pocket aces. As a matter of fact, I started with A-A five times in the tournament! Incredibly, they held each time.

Down to heads up with Annie, our match only lasted one hand. Annie completed the SB with J-9 and I knuckled my 8-5 offsuit.

The flop was 6-7-9. BINGO!

I checked to Annie, hoping for a C-bet from her. I insta-called when she pushed all-in with her top pair. I had a bit of a sweat when the board paired on the turn, but the river was a harmless 3 and I was able to win the tourney.

It was exciting to win another one after a couple of poor sixth place finishes. I have built a nice lead by winning five tournaments in a row early in the season and now this sixth win puts me in an excellent position to win one of the spots to the WSOP. With four tournaments left I have a 16 point lead over third place. The most points you can receive is 10 per tourney, so I'll be hard to catch.

Click here for the updated standings.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Keep it up. We'll be calling you TexasMojo in no time at all. At least as long as looks don't count. Did I say that?

  2. I had lost track of where you were in defending the great lead you jumped to early on. Looking very good ...