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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowl Experiment - Update

I began an experiment earlier this month. I was curious as to what would happen if you bet the money line underdog on every college bowl game this year.

So, I decided to bet ten bucks per game and see what happens.

As of December 27th, I am up $9.50. WOO-HOO :o)

Below are the lines on all the bowl games that have been played and the next one (or ones) coming up.

I'll update as we go along.

Dec. 15th

Nevada (+$330) over Arizona - LOSS (0-1, <$10>)
Toledo (+$350) over Utah State - LOSS (0-2, <$20>)

Dec. 20th

San Diego State (+$145) over BYU - LOSS (0-3, <$30>)

Dec. 22nd

East Carolina (+$220) over La. Lafayette - LOSS (0-4, <$40>)
Washington (+$175) over Boise State - LOSS (0-5, <$50>)

Dec. 24th 

SMU (+$375 ) over Fresno State - WIN (1-5,<$12.50>)

Dec 26th 

Central Michigan (+$220) over Western Kentucky - WIN (2-5, $9.50)

Dec 27th

Bowling Green (+$250) over San Jose St.
Duke (+$320) over Cincinnati
Baylor (+$135) over UCLA

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