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Friday, December 14, 2012

Bowl Game Experiment

I'm curious as to what would happen if you bet the money line underdog on every college bowl game this year.

So, ten bucks per game. Let's see what happens.

Below are the lines on all the bowl games. I'll update as we go along. Should be interesting.

Dec. 15th

Nevada (+$330) over Arizona -    LOSS  (0-1, <$10>)
Toledo (+$350) over Utah State - LOSS  (0-2, <$20>)

Dec. 20th

San Diego State (+$145) over BYU

Dec 21st

Ball State (+$255) over Central Florida

Dec 22nd

East Carolina (+$220) over La. Lafayette
Washington (+$190) over Boise State

Dec 24th

SMU (+$375) over Fresno State

Dec 26th

Central Michigan (+$190) over Western Kentucky

Dec 27th

Bowling Green (+$255) over San Jose State
Duke (+$260) over Cincinnati

Dec 28th

Ohio (+$250) over La. Monroe
Rutgers (+$120) over Virginia Tech
Minnesota (+$400) over Texas Tech

Dec 29th

Navy (+$475) over Arizona State
Syracuse (+$165) over West Virginia
Texas (+$115) over Oregon State
Michigan State (+$130) over TCU

Dec 31st

NC State (+$240) over Vanderbilt
Georgia Tech (+$350) over USC
Clemson (+$165) over LSU

Jan 1st

Purdue (+$650) over Oklahoma State
Northwestern (+$120) over Miss State
Michigan (+$200) over South Carolina
Nebraska (+$350) over Georgia
Wisconsin (+$230) over Stanford
Northern Illinois (+$425) over Florida State

Jan 2nd

Louisville (+$475) over Florida

Jan 3rd

Kansas State (+$300) over Oregon

Jan 4th

Oklahoma (+$180) over Texas A&M

Jan 5th

Pittsburgh (+$150) over Miss.

Jan 6th

Kent State (+$170) over Arkansas State

Jan 7th

Notre Dame (+$290) over Alabama

First game is Saturday.

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  1. I used to enter a contest among friends in which you had to pick winners (no point spread) and it was amazing how many dogs won outright.