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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NFL Picks Contest- Results and Standings

We all thought we knew Memphis MOJO. Much like Clark Kent is a mild mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet, MOJO is the mild mannered bridge and poker player from western Tennessee.

Little did we know that he was born on the planet KickUrAss, and when he looks in the mirror he sees a testosterone fueled, macho, Chuck Norris stunt double that will lay a three sixty roundhouse flying monkey kick to your ass that will cause you to have to part your hair in order to take a dump.

While you and I pour over stats and tendencies trying to pick winners, black belt, super-ninja MOJO is at the gym slammin' the pecs and making the ladies all tingly. After a quick stop at the tat parlor for a touch up, MOJO mounts his Harley and winds it out on his way back to his bad-ass man cave to concentrate on his pick. Using his super-ninja powers, he enters a trance-like state and with his superior mental discipline, focuses on the big winner for the week.

Seattle? Who knew?

The Arizona Cardinals, that's who.

Captain KickAss, who has still not forgiven them for leaving St. Louis, made a trip to the desert for a little "discussion" with the Redbirds. After increasing the population of their Injured Reserve List with a few 4th degree super ninja moves, MOJO informed them that they would not score ANY points Sunday and would turn the ball over eight times.

The result? 58-0.

Let's all hope that in the future, he will use his powers for good, not evil.

My friend grrouchie is also impressed.
"MOJO is a ringer.
He is a scam artist who has knowledge of the future.
He might have actually borrowed a Delorian and rode shotgun with Biff a few decades back just to take advantage of this one situation.

Everyone must rise up and revolt against this evil man before he harms us all.

I bow in your presence, overlord."

Here are the results and updated standings in the NFL Picks Contest

lightning- San Francisco (W 27-13) = 24 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- Denver (W 26-13) = 23 pts.
Grange95-  Denver (W 26-13) = 23 pts.
ohcowboy12go- Denver (W 26-13) = 23 pts.
M Prosk- no pick = 0 pts.
Full House- San Francisco (W 27-13) = 24 pts.
Music City Momma- San Francisco (W 27-13) = 24 pts.
Coach- New England (W42-14) = 38 pts.
Neophyte- no pick = 0 pts.
Waffles- Houston (L 14-42) = (28 pts.)
MOJO-  Seattle (W 58-0) = 68 pts.
ggrouchie- Denver (W 26-13) = 23 pts.
Vegas Vic- Denver (W 26-13) = 23 pts.
Captain Crunch- Tampa Bay (L 21-23) = (2 pts)

Here are the current standings;

MOJO - 40+19+22+13+16+18+24+68 = 220 pts.
Coach - 20+19+22+13+16+40+17+38 = 185
grrouchie - 14+48+20+5+16+40+17+23 = 183
Grange95 - 20+19+22+13+14+40+24+23 = 175
Vegas Vic - 16+19+22+13+16+40+15+23 = 164
Music City Momma - 17+19+24+5+17+34+24+24 = 164
TwoMinuteWarning - 13+19+22+16+31+18+19+23 = 161
lightning - 13+19+24+13+16+18+24+24 = 151
Captain Crunch - 13+11+18+16+31+18+24-(2) = 129
ohcowboy12go - 13+19+22+5+13+24+23=119
Full House - 20+19+22-(34)+16+18+17+24 =102
Neophyte - 17+19+0+13+32+18+0+0 = 99
Waffles - 15+11+22+16+14+0+24-(28) =74

Congratulations to MOJO for a record week!


  1. Get off his case. He has his problems too. Have you seen the dearth of telephone booths that he can change in?

  2. Waffles is at least where he belongs.

    Now time to climb my way back up to 1st place - I have 3 weeks left I think!!

    1. Playoffs are included too grrouchie. You have plenty of time. You'll need to refine your super ninja talents to catch him.