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Friday, November 30, 2012

PokerPalooza Cooler

We had eight runners show for our Tuesday night PokerPalooza at the Duck Blind. After an artery clogging dinner of pizza and brownies, we were pitching cards shortly after seven.

Seated at this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game were J-Dawg, Dealer Larry, Bobby Dee, Ray-Ray, Gentleman Jim, Stamps, Farmer Harry, and yours truly, Lucki Duck.

It was the first time Harry had come back since he won our big side pot game. Each week every player would put $1 in the pot. When we would draw for seats, whomever drew the ace would get to pick a card from a separate deck. This deck contains one joker and if you draw the joker, you win the pot. If you didn't pick it, whatever card you drew was eliminated from the deck and the next week your chance of drawing the joker increased. Harry was the winner three weeks ago, pulling in a $106 pot. Not bad.

He also drew the ace last night, but whiffed on the joker pull, drawing the 10D instead.

I was able to win the High Hand Jackpot with quad kings in a hand of Omaha, beating Bobby's quad jacks he had hit earlier in the game. Even with the HHJ, I still managed to lose two dollars on the night.

Most of it was spewed on a cooler. In a hand of hold 'em, I looked down at A-T and tossed in a chip. Several calls later we saw a flop of A-T-3 and I bet out after Farmer Harry checked. Ray-Ray and Harry called. Another T on the turn was a bingo card for me and I bet my boat following a check from Harry. Ray-Ray mucked, but Harry came along for the ride.

The river completed a flush draw and Harry came to life, tossing in a bet. I raised, but then Harry 3 bet me.

Uh oh.

I called and Harry tabled pocket aces for a bigger full house.

Sneaky bastard :)

Ray-Ray had just returned from Korea the day before, where he and his wife had visited their daughter, who is an English teacher there. He was dead tired from his 24 hour flight and predictably lost a fair amount of money. He also told us about an eight foot penis he saw at a restaurant they visited (some kind of phallic symbol for fertility in Korea), but couldn't produce any pictures. But, it did open up a Pandora's Box of junior high level humor for most of the evening. Fun times.

Friday night is Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney. Hopefully, I'll be able to recover my big $2 loss :)

Till next time, win the flips.

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