Current Lines

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I guess it's a good thing I didn't put my money where my mouth was on tonight's Presidential election. Although it was a close vote, President Obama was able to overcome a high unemployment rate and a sluggish economy, numbers no candidate since FDR could overcome, to pull out the win.

So it's time to eat some crow on my call.

Congratulations on the win Mr. President.

I read grrouchie's post yesterday where he pointed out how uninterested he is in politics. However, he seemed to have a lot of knowledge on the subject, so he must care a least a little. I find politics interesting, purely as a spectator sport. Both parties have spent this country into bankruptcy, we'll just get to the breaking point a little quicker than we would have with Romney. Things should get real interesting when that dam breaks.

I guess the planning for the next election begins tomorrow.

I did call the Detroit/Denver NBA game correctly, so I've got that going for me :)

Till next time, win the flips (like Obama).


  1. Yeah - I should have left it at "I'm not interested and don't pay attention" as I think my closet door was open a little bit by the end lol!

    Thanks for the link! And I look forward to CRUSHING with my amazing last minute pick again this weekend :)

    1. I'll alert the media to be ready for your pick!

      Good luck!