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Monday, November 5, 2012

Meet the 45th POTUS

I wrote a post last January (click here) predicting an Obama loss in this year's presidential election. Here on the eve of the election, my opinion hasn't changed.

Not that any of you are the type to wager on such things, but just in case, here's an excerpt from an article I ran across that is written by Wayne Allen Root, one of the top Vegas handicappers in the business:

I have been predicting a Romney victory from the beginning. In December 2011, I predicted  Mr. Romney would win the GOP presidential nomination and go on to win the presidency. In spring 2012, after Mr. Romney clinched the GOP nomination, I predicted a Romney landslide victory in November. For the past month, as Mr. Romney has trailed badly in every poll, especially in the all-important battleground states, I have continued to predict a Romney landslide. Today, I’m making it official:
Mitt Romney will win the presidency, and it won’t be close.
I’m predicting a 5- to 7-point popular-vote victory, with an outside shot at 10 points. Electorally, it won’t be that close. Mr. Romney will win many states that went to Mr. Obama in 2008 — I predict wins in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Indiana. I predict he will win by 100 to 120 electoral votes. I’ll go out on a limb and say Mr. Romney even will win one or two Democratic “safe states” such as Michigan, Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
Click here for the complete article.

So, there you have it. No reason to stay up late to see who wins.

You're welcome :)

Of course, as Dennis Miller says, "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong."


  1. Mitt Romney will win the presidency, and it won’t be close.

    I've heard a lot of hot air during this campaign, but that statement is about the worst. Won't be close? Wow.

  2. The liberal media has me believing that Obama takes it. I wouls be shocked if Romney were to win by a huge margin.

  3. I'm in Iowa. Iowa is going Obama, probably by 5 points. Don't forget Obama got his launch here, something Iowans are proud of. Not to mention the retail political infrastructure Obama's campaign has left iin place and expanded since 2007. Romney never warmed up to Iowa, never got much support here. Also, regrettably, his Mormonism will turn off a certain amount of the evangelical support.

    Not saying that Romeny won't win nationally, but he'll have to do it without Iowa.

    Of course, I could be wrong. :-)