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Monday, May 7, 2012

Go Fly A Kite!

Lucki Duck's kids selling tee shirts.
Our local Sertoma club had our 6th Annual Kitefest last Saturday near Lake Waco. The Kitefest is our largest annual fundraiser and this year will be no exception. Although the final numbers aren't in, we had another big turnout on the hottest day of the spring. With temperatures hovering in the mid 90s and high humidity, we sold a lot of iced tea (the house wine of the south), soda, and water, which was good for the ol' coffers!

We use the proceeds to provide hearing aids to local children that have a need. Aids are not cheap, and it is common for low income parents to be unable to afford them. That's where we step in. A child that doesn't hear properly is often shunned socially and is certain to fall behind academically, so it's very fulfilling to be in a position to help.

In addition, we also provide scholarships for hearing impaired high school seniors and college students. Our latest program provides audiometers to local schools to test student hearing.

Our local chapter has been around for 10 years and our parent organization, Sertoma International, based in Kansas City, celebrated 100 years of service last month.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend's Kitefest. Click on the picture for full screen goodness.

Kids playing under a giant centipede.

McGruff was there to be sure the clown didn't start any "funny business."

Parachute races!
Budding artists ply their trade.
Face painting!
A family enjoying the sunshine.
Even the smallest kiddos enjoyed flying their kites.  
The local miniature aircraft club provided an airshow.

Another Kitefest has come and gone. Man, am I tired!


  1. Great post! Your hard work is inspiring!

    1. Thanks. We have a good core group of hard workers :)

  2. Nice program, nice photos, nice-looking family.

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  4. Great job Lucki. Sertoma sounds like a terrific organization, I know the club here at work does a fair amount of stuff as well. BTW can we call the kids selling t shirts the Lucki Ducklings?

    1. Thanks Neo. I'll run the "Ducklings" thing by them, but I've got a feeling that it ain't gonna "fly!"