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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Big 'C'- Update

Mom with her kids.
A good day.

Mom was scheduled to begin her treatment on Monday, but because the CyberKnife machine was on the fritz, she didn't actually start until Thursday. Although she was very frustrated with the delay, she hung in there and completed the prescribed protocol this morning.

After a one month stay in Houston, she comes home tomorrow and is very excited to see her dog and cat (and son).

She'll head back to Houston in six weeks for follow up tests to be sure the tumor has been destroyed.

We'll worry about that later. Today, we celebrate!


  1. Lets hope the follow up tests a clean Lucki. Enjoy your time with mom now.

  2. Lovely least on the XX side. Hopefully the comment doesn't drive the XY to XXX.

    Sorry to be Mendelsome.

  3. Great news - thanks for keeping us posted.