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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Nothing Beats Alien Beaver"

Ms. Duck and I drove down to the Gambler's General Store and dropped three benjamins for three blackjack felts and a few gaming accessories and then headed to the Cosmopolitan.

We visited the Cosmo on our last trip and liked the property, although I hadn't done too well money wise, but Ms. Duck had been pretty lucky. Also, lightning had suggested the Wicked Spoon buffett there, so we went there for a bite as soon as we arrived.

Boy, was he ever right! What a spread. I had small portions of several entrees, all of which were excellent, including the salted peanut ice cream. It was a little pricey at $22 a head, but I thought it was well worth the cost. Thanks lighting!

My lovely wife settled on a penny video slot machine called "Alien Cows From the Planet Moolah." I sat down next to her at another video slot, but I didn't see the name of the game on the screen, but there were some cartoon animals that looked like beavers. The theme was the same as the cows (aliens) as the beavers were in spaceships. (I promise I was sober when we were playing these machines. Besides. you can't just make this stuff up.)

"Nothing better than alien beaver!" I commented to Ms. Duck, which produced a classic eye roll : )

When I hit some kind of a bonus round, I learned that they were "Wombats from outer space," but I still liked the beaver line.

From the Cosmo we walked over to the Aria and played for a few minutes. I walked by a crowded poker room, but didn't play.

Later we drove to the Mirage and parked. Ms. Duck wanted to walk thru the Forum Shops at Caesars, but I opted to head over to the Flamingo for some poker.

There was a waiting list for the $1-2 NLHE cash game, so I took an immediate seat at the $2-4 limit hold'em table. A game I like to call "bingo poker." I liked the dealers sense of humor.

"Only eight players to see the flop this time."

There was one old codger that stayed pissed off. If he won a hand, the pot wasn't big enough, and if he lost, the opponent always got there on the river. So he said. I thought it was very amusing to see someone take a small wager game like this so seriously. One player did manage to hit a straight flush to the the king for a high hand jackpot (yes, they did shuffle the cards lighting), for a nice payout.

By the time a seat came open at the big kids table, I had enbibed on several adult beverages and thought I might save some money by staying put. By the end of the evenng I had dropped about $40 and hoofed it back to the Venetian.

Unfortunately, our car is still at the Mirage, so we'll have to go there first, then drive over to eat at PF Changs in the Planet Ho casino.

Heading home tomorrow. Our monthly "Vegas Or Bust Poker League" monthly tourney is tomorrow at seven, so I'm hoping we get back in time for me to participate. We're supposed to land in Waco at six, but our luck with American Airlines hasn't been too good this trip : (

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Sparky was right. Who would have thought?

    Looks like AA missed the baggage meeting and possibly others. Don't forget to mention Madam Duck's Diamond Tiara was in that bag.

  2. Great story about the slot machine. And of course your title really caught my eye! "Alien Beavers from Outer Space" sounds like it could have been a 50's science fiction movie, or a more recent porn flick.

    Your experience at the Flamingo in the 2/4 game is pretty typical for most such games in Vegas, although sounded more like a locals room experience than one on the strip.

  3. I think that a trip to the Wicked Spoon will now be replacing our usual stop at the Bellagio buffet.

    Whatever happened with your suitcase? Did American ever find it?

  4. @ lightning- No suitcase has been produced yet. But no worries, they are doing EVERYTHING possible to locate said luggage. I'm sure they've hired a private investigator by now : )

    @ Rob- Yeah, the 2-4 game was typical of what I've seen in the past.

    @ Ken- Diamond tiara. . . yeah, that's that ticket!

  5. Here's wishing you luck that you make your home game in time.

  6. Hmmm,
    Based on your two recommendations I think I'm going to have to try out this Wicked Spoon place next time I'm feeling hungry for a buffet.