Current Lines

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mutual Orgasms

Ms. Duck and I were looking at greeting cards last week and one stuck out.

There was an older couple on the outside of the card, much like the one you see in the picture to the right.

The wife asks, "Honey, do we have mutual orgasms?"

Open the card and the husband answers, "No dear, we have State Farm." 

We both got a giggle out of it (mutual giggles?), but since Ms. Duck has worked for the aforementioned company for 30+ years, she was particularly amused : )

Carry on!


  1. Jeez dude, whenever you want me to read your post, just use a title like this one. :P

  2. But like a good neighber, State Farm is there.

  3. @ VJ- Yeah, I can't wait to see what the "search keywords" are gonna be : )

    @ Rob- Allstate's slogan might be better, "You're in good hands."

  4. Duck, good point. But if you say "there" the right way, you will see what I was going for.

    VJ--are you saying you are a sucker for orgasms?