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Friday, February 24, 2012

J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza Coming To An End

Well folks, it looks like the days are numbered for J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza. He has had his house on the market for a few months and has accepted an offer. Unless the deal falls thru, he and his girlfriend will have to be out by the end of next month. That means we'll have to move the game to one of our other player's homes. There's three of us that are centrally located, Dealer Larry, Ollie the Accountant and yours truly, so once we decide who will host, I'll need to come up with a new name for our weekly get togethers.

We had a light turnout last night, with only seven pulling up chairs to do battle in this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game. Stamps smoked a brisket, which was tasty as always. A few chips on the side and homemade cookies for dessert made for a good meal.

Dealer Larry started fast, winning two of the first three hands, which were Mexican Sweat and Pai Gow. I was his victim in the Sweat hand, losing with fives full of fours to his aces full of jacks, both huge hands for this game. He managed to hold on to his winnings and finished with a $16 profit. Stamps won the High Hand Jackpot with quad kings in a hand of Omaha High, which saved him from being a loser for the evening. Ray-Ray took the hardest hit, dropping a little north of $20 on the night, with Bobby Dee and J-Dawg both losing around $15 each. I walked away with an extra Hamilton added to my bankroll.


On the home front, it looks like Ms. Duck and I are going to have to shell out a few bucks and replace the garage doors at our house. We still have the original ones, which are circa mid 70s. They are the solid doors, meaning they don't "break" like the newer models, but swing straight out from the wall when opened. One of the spring attachments broke (for the second time), and because of noticeable metal fatigue, I'm concerned someone might get hurt if it was to let go of the spring again and hit someone.

One issue with having the old doors removed, is lead. Apparently, any door made before 1978 may have lead in it. So, we'll have them tested and if the test is positive (which would be a negative), they will need to be removed by a specialist. I'm sure that won't be too expensive, huh? But, I guess there's always pain involved when you have to "get the lead out!"

On the other hand, I guess if garage doors are my biggest problem, that means things are rolling along pretty smoothly at the Duck palace : )

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. I was shocked when we replaced garage doors in my old house. The old ones had solid wood slats and weighed a ton, putting lots of pressure on the springs. The new door was much nicer and only weighed a fraction of what the old one did.

  2. @ lightning- Our current doors are aluminum, so they're not too heavy. I think the hardware is just worn out. It's time for an update anyway, so I guess we'll bite the bullet and get new ones :(

  3. there's always pain involved when you have to "get the lead out!"


  4. Sorry to hear you have to find a new home for your game. That's always a bite. Hopefully the doors are easy to get rid of. Aluminum huh? Any recycle value to defray the costs?

  5. @ Wolfman- I've thought about taking them to the local scrap metal biz to see what they're worth. I guess great minds think alike : )

    Good to hear from you!