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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go

Bobby Sherman
We only had five runners show for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney last Friday. Big Daddy was back from his trip to the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma where he dropped five benjamins playing three card poker. Philly Phanatic, Lil' Annie Okie, Tin Man, and I rounded out the field.

Philly was hot early, knocking out Big Daddy and winning the bounty side pot right off the bat. Lil' Annie Okie was his next victim, and he felted me shortly thereafter. At that point he and Tin Man chopped the prize money and we were off to play the $2 cash game.

Big Daddy was sitting on a horseshoe and sucked out time after time, mostly against Philly. I had him all-in twice and drawing to two outs only to see him hit his miracle card, twice. By the time we were finished, Big Daddy had won $12, Tin Man $6, with Philly dropping $14, and me $4.

So, after winning $10 at J-Dawg's on Thursday, I dropped ten on Friday. As Bobby Sherman once sang, "Easy Come, Easy Go!"

Bubblegum rock at it's best!

Till next time, win the flips.

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