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Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Little Live Poker

We had a lite turnout for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tournament last night with only six runners seated at the table. Lil' Annie Okie was back and was seated to my immediate left, followed by Tin Man, Bluffin' Bev, Big Daddy, and Philly Phanatic. Annie was still pretty sore from her surgery two and a half weeks ago, but the hydrocodone seemed to take the edge off the pain.

We were only at the third blind level ($3-6), when the biggest hand of the night occured. I was in the small blind and looked down at pocket aces. There were three limpers in front and although I did want to thin the field, I didn't want to bet so much that I wouldn't get any action. So, rather than a standard $30 bet, I decided to go with only $20.


All three opponents called and we saw a flop of A-K-J. I led out with a half pot bet. Bluffin' Bev pushed for around $100 and was called by both Big Daddy and Philly Phanatic. I was afraid I was up against Q-T, but felt like the pot odds warranted a call. Even if I was behind, I could still pull it out if the board paired.

I had everyone covered and the following hands were tabled. Bev had K-J for two pair, Philly had K-Q for a pair and a gutter, and Big Daddy had a J and was pretty much dead. I was a little surprised to be ahead and was pleased that my hand held up knocking out half the tournament field in one hand!

I also knocked out Lil' Okie Annie, then Tin Man and I chopped the prize money, with me taking the most since I had a big chip lead at the time.

Big Daddy was the big winner in the $2 buy-in cash game, netting about $10-12 bucks. Philly and Bev both won a little, with Tin Man getting hit the hardest. I walked away $1 lighter.


We had nine runners at J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza Thursday night. From left to right on your radio dial was Bobby Dee, J-Dawg, Gentleman Jim, Ollie the Accountant, Farmer Harry, Stamps, Dealer Larry, Ray-Ray, and yours truly.

The money circled the table for most of the night in this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game, with Bobby Dee the only one who was wounded, dropping $27 on the evening. Ollie and I chopped the High Hand Jackpot with kings full of fives. He hit his early and mine was late. Because of the HHJ, I was able to walk away a $7 winner.

With the pizza and cookies eaten, we called it a night... a hot night. The game broke a little after ten o'clock and when I got in my truck, the thermometer read an even 100 degrees.

How long is it until October?

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