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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four In A Row!

A couple of winning streaks continued this weekend. I was able to win Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney for the fourth consecutive week last Friday. Also, Sonny Boy and I were witnesses to the Houston Astronauts fourth straight win, which tied a season high for our favorite team.

Although I had $10 down against the Astros pulling off an improbable victory, I was thrilled to see them win an entertaining game. I have attended Astros games since 1965 and saw something I have never seen in all those years of attending MLB ballgames. Jose Altuve (all 5'6" of him) led off the game for Houston with an inside the park home run. I don't know how many lead-off ITPHR there have been in MLB history, but I bet the list is a short one.

Another highlight happened late in the game. The Astros 5-0 lead had dwindled to 5-3 when J.D. Martinez (another household name) hit a tape measure home run. It was a "no doubter" clearing the 404 ft. mark in left center field. It also cleared the 40 foot wall and the train perched on top of the wall. It was estimated to be 440 feet, but I think that number is a little conservative. Wow, what a shot!

Martinez ball flys over the train at Minute Maid!

It doesn't get much better than spending an evening with your son at a baseball game, chomping down on a couple dogs and watching your favorite team win the game.

Only 14 games behind the fifth place Cubs. Hope springs eternal!


We had eight runners show for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney. From left to right on your radio dial were Philly Phanatic, Lil' Okie Annie, Tin Man, Bluffin' Bev, Big Daddy, Jaime, Ms. Lucki Duck and your humble scribe.

I got into a hand with Lil' Okie Annie early. I raise 3X BB from middle position with pocket kings. Annie smooth called and a couple others joined us to see the J-7-5 flop, which had two hearts. I bet the pot to discourage any flush draws and was called by Annie with everyone else folding. The turn brought another dreaded heart, so I slowed down and called Annie's $10 bet into a $50+ pot. The river was harmless and I check called Annie's $20 river bet. I was afraid of the flush, but she tabled pocket aces, still enough to beat me, but at least I still had some chips left.

Now down to 6BB, I pushed from middle position with Q-J soooted. Annie called with pocket nines and the race was on! The flop of A-K-5 gave me a straight draw which got there on the turn when a 10 hit and I was back in it!

I felted Bluffin' Bev when I raised with Q-J and she was forced to call with 10-5 because her chip stack had gotten so short. I hit a Q on the flop and Bev was off to the cash game.

Now down to three players, Big Daddy, Tin Man, and myself, I was down to 6BB once again and looked down at A-A. I raised 2.5BB, hoping to keep at least one player on the hook. Big Daddy took the bait and I shoved a 7-5-J flop. Big Daddy called and tabled 7-2 offsuit. I felt sure he would hit the second pair and knock me off, but my rockets held.

It wasn't much later when I knocked out Big Daddy. Tin Man and I decided to chop the rest of the prize money, with me taking a bigger chunk since I had the most chips at the time. That makes four weeks in a row that I have either won or chopped the tournament. I don't see how this streak can continue much longer, but it sure is fun while it lasts :)

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. It doesn't get much better than spending an evening with your son at a baseball game, chomping down on a couple dogs and watching your favorite team win the game.

    Amen, brother, and congrats on the win.