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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick Trip To Vegas

Ms. Lucki Duck and I spent a few days in Vegas last week.

I played in a few cash games at the Plaza, Flamingo, and South Point casinos. I haven't played at South Point (pictured) in a while, because it's a pretty long drive to their resort. I had forgotten what a nice poker room they have and was impressed both with the room and the personnel. Check out South Point if you haven't already.

I only played in one tourney. I placed second at a $50 buy-in tournament at Treasure Island. I was down 3-1 in chips when we got heads-up. I lost when I pushed my AK preflop and was called by QT. There was a K in the window and I thought I was good, but there was also a Q on the flop and another on the turn and that was it. Had I won the hand, we would have been almost even in chips and who knows?

Overall, I made a decent profit on the felt last week and am looking forward to my next trip already.

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Happy trails.

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