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Monday, August 23, 2010

Quad Tens

I played live poker two nights last week, Tuesday at J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza, and Friday at Tin Man and Lil' Annie Okie's home.

I arrived a little early to J-Dawg's and was treated to some chicken strips and fries from a local fast food chain called Bush's. Their chicken isn't anything special, but their cream gravy is "slap yo mama" good! And I can eat just about anything, if you pour enough gravy on it! A piece of pineapple cake for dessert and eleven poker players were pitching cards!

I won two of the first three hands and never looked back! It was one of those nights when all my draws were hitting and I was getting paid off on most of them. Sah-weet!

Woody won the high hand jackpot when he hit quad tens with an ace kicker playing Omaha. His kicker came into play later because J-Dawg also hit quad tens later in the evening, but could only produce a Q kicker. I guess it's not your night when your quads aren't the best hand.

I was involved in one interesting hand playing hold'em. I rivered the nut flush, but the river also paired the board. Bobby Dee had been betting the whole way, and he doesn't bet unless he has a big hand, so I put him on a flopped set, improving to a full house on the river. I checked my flush, and Bobby checked behind. Needless to say, I was surprised when he tabled the full house. I asked him why he didn't bet the river and he said, "I figured we were just gonna chop it anyway." Gotta love that!

I bought in this .25-.50 limit game for $20 and left three hours later with $63 in my pocket. Anytime you triple your money, it's a good night!


We had 12 punters in the $5 buy-in NLHE tournament at Tin Man's on Friday. I managed to finished ITM, with third place paying $10... a double up! Once again, quad tens made an appearance, when Flyboy rivered quads on Philly Phanatic.

What are the odds of seeing quad tens three times in two nights?

Flyboy, who was on leave from the Air Force, took down the tourney, with Philly Phanatic winning the silver medal. I was glad Flyboy won, he can use the gas money for his drive back to Florida.

The $2 cash game wasn't much fun. Tin Man's next door neighbor came over to play and brought a couple of friends. No problem there. All three were pretty much blitzed. No problem there, they weren't driving. The problem was that they slowed the game down SO MUCH. Two of then didn't know how to play very well to begin with, which slowed things. Add a couple six packs of Bud Light and it was a fiasco! We only played 10-12 hands per hour. One of them had a huge stack of chips and literaly shoved his chips in. Unfortunately for him, he also shoved his cards in with them, which were mucked, and he lost about $15 on the hand. Because the play was so frustratingly slow, I left about an hour early, even though it was a juicy game.


One of our hosts and a good poker player, Lil' Annie Okie, got some great news this week. She is a wonderful artist, painting mostly still lifes, featuring crystal and other glassware. She really has a talent for capturing the many colors that are reflected in glass. We've told her for years how talented she is! Last week she FINALLY took her work to a well known art gallery.

They were blown away!

She will be given over 10% of the gallery to display her paintings and will also be introduced to the art world with a one woman show. They are pricing her paintings at $4,000 and up, and think her work will go for 5 figures in the future. I can't wait to see how far she goes! I'll post a link to the gallery representing her when they get her paintings up on their site.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy trails!


  1. Ever win any of her artwork off her in a poker game? :->

  2. LOL.

    No Wolfman, she's pretty good. I try to avoid getting in pots with her unless I'm in position.