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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Game Report

Another good week of live poker for Lucki Duck.

We had 11 runners at J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza Thursday night. Farmer Harry brought pizza. Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and hamburger were on the menu. Very tasty. The dough was thin and crispy, which is how I like it!

We played our usual .25/.50 limit game with a $20 buy-in. Omaha, Coconut, Pineapple, Stud, Double-Flop Hold 'em and regular Hold 'em were all dealt.

Like last week, I started fast and built my stack up to over $50 during the first hour and a half. Things went south after that, as I lost a couple big pots.

In one hand of hold 'em, I limped into an unraised pot in late position with 7-6 offsuit. The flop was K-7-6 with Woody betting out from UTG. I raised and everyone folded except Jeremy (a new player) and, of course, Woody. The turn was a blank and Woody checked, I bet, Jeremy folded, and Woody called. The river was my "bingo" card, another 6, giving me the full house. Woody checked, I bet, and Woody called. I tabled my full house, confident I had won the pot, but Woody flipped pocket kings for a bigger house!

I guess my house was in the wrong neighborhood!

"You didn't raise pre-flop with kings Woody?" I asked.


"And you didn't re-raise me on the river?"


Another interesting hand also involved hold 'em. I was dealt pocket aces and raised from UTG. I got two callers, Larry the Mailman and Ray-Ray. The flop was Q-9-4, rainbow. Not much to worry about there.

I bet, Larry folds, and Ray-Ray calls.

The turn is a K and I bet once again. Ray-Ray calls.

The river is a 3. No straight or flush possibilities, I must be good here!

I bet and Ray-Ray calls, tabling Q-3 for a rivered two pair.


"You called a raise with Q-3 Ray-Ray?"

"I always call when I have a queen. They're lucky!"

I guess he was right this time!

I won the high hand jackpot this week with aces full of sixes. I hit the hand early in the game and was surprised that it held up all night. Usually, it takes quads to win the HHJ, so I was happy to take down the $13 pot.


I left with a $23 profit for the night.


The $5 NLHE Tournament at Tin Man and Lil' Annie Okie's house Friday was a blast!

We had nine players, but two were knocked out early.

Big Daddy was felted on the second hand when he shoved two pair on the flop, only to be called by Lil' Annie Okie's nut flush draw, which she hit on the river.

Bondo Chris followed shortly when he also shoved two pair on the flop and was called by Bluffing Bev's flopped straight. Bondo didn't improve and we were down to seven and still at the first level of blinds.

My opening stack of T100 dwindled to T65, when I open raised from UTG with pocket nines. Bluffing Bev called and we were heads up. The flop brought only one over, a jack, so I C-bet, but was quickly raised by Bev. I folded and Bev showed her pocket kings.

Bev, Sonny Boy and I survived to make the money, with Bev pushing for 1BB twice, winning both times for the triple up when we were down to three players. We stayed at three for quite a while, considering none of us had more than 5BB at any time.

Bev finally knocked out Sonny Boy and we were heads up with Bev holding a 3.5 to 1 chip lead. I shoved K-8 the first hand and was called by Bev's Q-6. My hand held and I was back in it!

I also shoved A-T the next hand and was called by Bev's K-6. I hit my ten on the flop and was looking good, but the turn brought the king and Lucki Duck's goose was cooked. Congrats to Bev for the win!

The $2 buy-in NLHE cash game was wild! There was already a lot of chips on the table by the time I got there, with Philly Phanatic owning the largest stack.

I limped with Q-T soooted from early position, only to be raised and then re-raised, forcing me to play for all my chips if I wanted to be involved. There had been several callers in front of me, building the pot to over eight dollars. I only had another $1.40 in my stack and figured that it would be a +EV call with these pot odds and a hand that plays well against overpairs, which is what I thought I was up against.

After a lot of checking, the board was completed, showing a Q high. Would you believe my pair of queens took down this huge pot! WHEEEEEE!

Sonny Boy hit a queen high straight flush to win a nice pot. He also ended up stacking Big Daddy, winning two big pots off of him at the end of the night and cashed out with a $27 profit! Pretty good for a $2 buy-in.

That's my boy!

I cashed out with a $7 profit in the cash game, plus a $10 profit in the tournament, so it was another good night for the Duck!


I'm up to five tabling on Full Tilt, with my winnings briefly going above $500 for the month, but I gave some of it back when I bricked my last set. So far I'm pleased with my results and plan to keep playing multiple tables.

Wishing everyone a good week and a profitable one at the tables.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy trails.

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