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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vegas Trip- Wednesday

Due to a work related situation, I had to get up early the day before, so we slept in and got a late start to our day.

Ms. Duck had a coupon for a free appetizer at Diablo's, which is a Tex-Mex restaurant/bar at the Monte Carlo. We have eaten there several times in the past, so we decided to cash in on the appetizer and made the drive to the MC parking garage.

After a quick lunch we drove to Planet Ho, so Ms. Duck could spend some time browsing in the Sephora (make-up) store. I headed to the poker "room" in the casino and was put on a waiting list for $1-2 NLHE. I hung around for 15-20 minutes with no luck and decided there were too many places to play poker in Vegas to have to wait for a seat. So, I made the short walk back to Sephora to pick up Ms. Duck.

From there we walked the strip down to the Cromwell, which I think was the old Bill's Gambling Hall. They have done a nice upgrade to the facade of the building and also the casino floor has a much slicker look than before. We decided to play video poker for a little while and walked away with a small profit. It wasn't much. but with my luck thus far this trip, ANY win is a big win!

Next, we strolled down to the Linq, which is a new shopping/restaurant/bar are that features a huge observation wheel appropriately named the "Big Roller." It takes 30 minutes to make one revolution according to their advertisement, and is a big mamma-jamma.

We also gave the Flamingo some business, and after searching out the poker room at Harrah's (it had moved since I had been there), I sat down for a few hands of $1-2 while Ms. Duck did some shopping. I played two hours and didn't have any memorable hands. I left about $20 in the red and met Ms. Duck at the Venetian. The poker room was humming, but the hour was getting late and I didn't really want to start a long session, so I kept walking. Ms. Duck wanted to walk through the shopping area, so guess what we did?

Ms. Duck's feet were barking, so we decided to head back to the car and call it a day. We stopped at a Subway in the Casino Royale for a quick bite, grabbed the car at Planet Ho, and drove back to the Vdara, another long and fun day in the rear view mirror.


  1. I rode the High Roller, and did so at night. Nice way to view the neon of the strip. Remind me, how long are you out there for?

    1. MOJO- We came back to Texas last Friday. Sorry I missed you...again.

  2. i find it hilarious u had to wait for a seat at planet H, its the room with the SHORTEST waits

  3. 'The Cromwell' - just a slightly different ring to it than 'Bill's Gambling Hall'... :) I didn't know of this change either, so I learned something new... :) I don't know if y'all are making my five-week wait better or worse with your posts... :P