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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vegas Trip- Saturday

Ms. Duck and I drove the better part of two hours from Waco to Austin to catch a late afternoon flight to Vegas.

Upon arriving at the airport, we noticed that the parking lots were more crowded than we had seen in the past, but we finally found a spot in the last lot. We unloaded our truck and logged the short distance to one of the pick-up kiosks. The wait was fairly short, as was the ride. Before we left the shuttle, the driver handed us a business card with our kiosk number hand-written on it.

"Great," I thought, "now I don't have to write it down myself."

I only mention this exchange because it comes up again later in the trip.

After checking in with Southwest Airlines, we stripped down to our skivvies for the best part of any flight... the TSA shakedown. Austin is no different than many other airports, with a lot of TSA activity going on and very little (if anything) being accomplished. Your typical government program at its best.

Once the molestation was complete, we boarded the full flight and landed at McCarren two and a half hours later. We grabbed our suitcases in baggage claim, boarded the shuttle bus to the car rental center, and found there was no line at the Alamo counter. Win!

We picked out a Chrysler 200, pitched our bags in the trunk, then headed for the Rio to register for WSOP event 33, which I would be playing the next day. While we were there we walked down to locate my assigned table in the Brasilla Room, then back to the car for the drive to Sam's Town.

It was getting late when we arrived at Sam's and the lady at check-in told us they had a suite still available that they would put us in for the same ($75) price. Suite! Sweet!

(Click on the pictures for full screen goodness)

Looking down at the atrium from our suite.
 The suite at Sam's was okay, with a nice view of the atrium, but the furniture was rough and the rug had several burns. Had I paid full price for the suite, I would have been disappointed.

Same view looking up.
 Once we got our luggage to the room, we headed back down for a quick bite and then called it a day. Sunday was going to be a big day and I wanted a good night's sleep after a long travel day.

Tomorrow: WSOP action!


  1. Cliffhangers - you and Rob... #ugghhh

  2. GL tomorrow!

    While we were there we walked down to locate my assigned table in the Brasilla Room
    I did the same thing and also checked out where the bathrooms were. One less thing on my mind when I went to play. Did I mention I'm a nitty old man?