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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vegas or Bust Poker League

We had our next to last tournament this past Friday in our Vegas or Bust Poker League. All 10 members showed, with Stamps and Ollie battling for the second seat to the WSOP. As you may remember, I sewed up first in last month's tourney.

Philly Phanatic was the first to go. There were five players to the flop, with Philly last to act. The J-J-J flop checked around and Philly pushed his stack in the middle. Unfortunately for him, it's hard to bluff someone off of quads, which is exactly what Big Daddy had. The last place finish pretty much eliminated Philly from contention.

Stamps was next to fall on his sword, but unlike Philly, there's really no way he could have avoided losing all his chips. He was the BB, with three limpers in front, I raised 3.5X the BB from the cut off with A-A. Stamps 3 bet all in with K-K and didn't improve. This could have been disastrous for him, but Ollie the Accountant was unable to take advantage of Stamps early exit, so our mailman will enter the final tournament with a small lead.

Dealer Larry, Big Daddy, and Ollie were the next to receive toe-tags, followed by J-Dawg and Tin Man.

Down to three players, I was next to go when I pushed my four blind stack all in on a top pair flop, but was out kicked by Lil' Annie Okie.


Annie was able to win the heads-up battle with Bobby Dee. She desperately needed the win to have any chance at second place. Going into the final tournament, Stamps leads Ollie by three points, and is ahead of Annie by six. Next month's tournament should be very interesting!

Till next time, win the flips.

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