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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Pauper's Grave

I drove my mother halfway to Houston today and delivered her to my sister and brother in law, who will take her to their home for the week. She has her one year check up with her doctor on Monday to be sure the lung cancer hasn't shown it's ugly face again.

I stopped at the Ft. Parker cemetary in Groesbeck to visit my father's grave on my way back home and drove thru the the section where the pauper's graves are (pictured below). I couldn't help but think how sad it is that the only thing on your headstone is the word "Unknown."

Surely someone knew them.


  1. Not as well cared for as the unknown one in Arlington.

    I've never been a cemetery fan. It was a regular stop from my grams and her sister and they'd let me ride on the running board around the circle. Anybody else remember running board?

    Me? My loved one isn't really there.

    1. Ahh... running boards and rumble seats :)

      I agree with loved ones not being in the cemetary, it's not where I really feel him. But, I do want to make sure the gravesite and headstone are in good shape. Just a sign of respect I suppose.