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Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week in Poker

Friday night was a tough one for me at the poker table.

We had only six players sit down for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney. Seated clockwise were Philly Phanatic, Lil' Annie Okie, Tin Man, Big Daddy, OxyJohn, and yours truly, Lucki Duck.

Big Daddy was first to fall on his sword, followed shortly by OxyJohn. Annie was next to get felted, but that's where the trouble bagan for me.

Tin Man pushed his last 6 BB with A-J, and I insta-called with K-K. Unfortunately, he hit his 3 outer on the turn, doubling up and knocking me down to 5 BB.

I was able to build my stack once again and was called by Tin Man when I pushed with pocket sevens. Tin Man tabled K-Q and paired his queen on the flop. I wasn't able to improve and that was that. Tin Man and Philly chopped the prize money at that point.

I was able to win a little of my buy-in back in the cash game, walking away with a $3 profit. However, combined with an $12 loss in our Tuesday night Pokerpalooza, it was a tough week.

Oh well, next Tuesday is just around the corner!

Till next time, win the flips (unlike me).

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