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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Lightning inquired a couple days ago about how my mother was doing and also how my new site #1SportsPicks was coming along.

Initially, let me say that I really appreciate the interest! When I first wrote of my mother's cancer diagnosis last year, lightning actually took the time to give me a phone call and offer words of encouragement. Don't tell him I said so, but I think he's the tops.

Mom is doing well. She had some follow up tests done in December, and the tests indicated that her lung cancer was in remission. Good news! She still comes to work for a few hours each day. She pays the bills for the company and answers the phone in the mornings. In the afternoons she watches "Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Jeopardy, and Dr. Phil. Her next follow up will be sometime next month.

#1SportsPicks has been a mixed bag thus far. I launched the site in November and have put a lot of hours in trying to market it. I've had a little success and have picked up some minor advertising revenue. Currently I and am negotiating with one other Sports Book site. On the down side, I haven't been able to create the traffic I had hoped I would, but it is slowly increasing. I'm always open to any marketing suggestions.

I've also been disappointed with my results picking winning teams. This marks the first time I've attempted to wager on either hockey or basketball, and it's certainly been a learning experience. My bankroll is down a little in both sports, but nothing disastrous. Plus, I'm learning every day, so I expect to improve before the seasons run their course.

My offer for a free #1SportsPicks tee shirt is still open. Basically I'm asking that you include a link to my site on your blog or website. A few of you have already taken advantage (grrouchie, lightning, KenP), which I really appreciate, and each will receive a shirt once they are ready. Click here for the details if you would like to be included.

I still haven't ordered the tee shirts. I have the logo, but haven't decided on a tagline. I have a few in mind and am leaning towards one of them, but I am willing to let everyone vote if they are so inclined.

Here's what I've come up with so far;

"Odds That End Well"
"Your Bankroll's Best Friend"
"Our Picks Line Your Pockets"
"The Profit Prophet"

Which one do you like best? Any "write in" candidates?

So, that's the latest on both subjects. Thanks for asking :)


  1. "Better than you're cousin's nephews uncle!"
    "Consistently beats a coin toss"

    alright alright... lemme see what the logo looks like for your new shirt and I will link ya!

    I would think the first tagline would have to be "Odds well that ends well".... else it sounds strange to me.... Our Pick's line your pockets sounds odd to me for some reason too... The profit prophet is just corney. :P. Does everyone know what a bankroll is? maybe "Your Wallets best friend"... I dunno just brain dumpin.


    P.S. Just kidding about the shirt, will give you a shout out link anyways.

    1. How 'bout, "We Suck, But Not As Much As You!"

      Thanks for the link Waffles. I've got you down for a shirt.

  2. I've added a link to your web site - hope it helps.

    1. Thanks MOJO. You're gonna have a closet full of shirts before you know it!

  3. Guess I owed you a little after taking your home state to town in one of my posts. Nice news about your Mom. : o )

    1. No worries on the Texas comments. I just considered the source :)

  4. You don't have to give me a shirt. I have all mine custom made. I need the two head opening don't you know.

    Too poker related but for fun:
    Where Doyle should have stopped before the high rollers window.

    1. All the shirts have two head openings... but only one arm opening.

  5. Your best results (it seems to me) are in baseball. You're a consistent and big winner there. Maybe you could emphasize that more (instead of hockey or whatever) until you build up a readership. Just a thought.

    1. Yeah, baseball is certainly what I know best, but I really didn't want to wait until April to get the ball rolling. I did manage to win a little this football season, but nothing to write home about. I am noticing a few trends in college basketball that I think will be useful, but the NBA still baffles me.

      Onward thru the fog!