Current Lines

Thursday, February 14, 2013


We had eight runners show for our Tuesday night PokerPalooza (Wednesday edition). Bobby Dee brought chopped barbecue beef, which made a very tasty sandwich. Add a few chips and some heart shaped cupcakes that my daughter baked, and you've got a pretty good meal.

Seated around the felt in our $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game was Gentleman Jim, J-Dawg, Stamps, Glass Man, Farmer Harry, Dealer Larry, Bobby Dee, and moi.

We had three hands (all Omaha) that ended as 4 of a kind, but Harry's four queens out dueled J-Dawgs tens and Stamps fours, giving Harry the High Hand Jackpot, which turned a losing session into a winning one for him. I had a straight flush, but unfortunately it was in three card poker, which made it ineligible for the HHJ.

J-Dawg was the big winner, pocketing an extra $26 and I wasn't far behind with a $21 addition to the ol' bankroll. Stamps was also a winner, but Jim, Bobby, and Glass Man all had long evenings.

We had the TV on in the background and kept switching between the Baylor/Iowa St and the Texas/Mississippi basketball games. The Longhorn game was the best, with Texas hitting a long buzzer beater to put the game into overtime and then going on to win in double OT. The Baylor game wasn't nearly as exciting, but our friend Ray-Ray was sitting behind one of the goals and we kept trying to spot him. No luck though.

We should be back on our regular Tuesday night schedule next week. Fun times!

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Sounds like the food and basketball games on TV are just as much fun as the poker!

    1. Well, the quality of the food is usually better than the quality of the poker :)