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Sunday, February 3, 2013

NFL Picks Contest- Final Week's Picks

Below are the picks for this week's Small Potatoes NFL Picks Contest - Super Bowl edition.

MOJO is leading the pack with 339 points, followed by Vegas Vic at 321, and TwoMinuteWarning with 306. Since MOJO and Vegas Vic picked different teams, it keeps TwoMinuteWarning from having a chance to catch up.

It comes down to this; if San Francisco wins by 4, the contest will be a tie and both MOJO and Vegas Vic will win shirts. If the 49ers win by more than 4, Vegas Vic wins, less than 4 and MOJO takes it down. Guess we know who they'll be rooting for :)

lightning- ?
TwoMinuteWarning- Baltimore
Grange95- San Francisco
Music City Momma- San Francisco
MOJO-  Baltimore
Vegas Vic- San Francisco
Captain Crunch- San Francisco

Good luck!!!

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  1. "Whatever your actual feelings about football and this weekend's Super Bowl, you have to admire Wolfram Alpha's willingness to crunch any dataset and see what it can find. The self-billed 'computational knowledge engine' has analyzed the historical data for both teams involved in this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII. Its conclusion? The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are 'annoyingly similar' when it comes to numbers, although some players stand out as potential game changers — if the math plays out right."