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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Straight Flush On The First Hand!

We had nine runners show last night at J-Dawgs for some fried chicken and cards. From left to right on your radio dial were Farmer Harry, Gentleman Jim, Stamps, Ray-Ray, J-Dawg, Bobby Dee, Dealer Larry, Ollie the Accountant, and Lucki Duck.

We got off to a fast start when Ollie rivered a straight flush to the K on the very first hand of the night to wrap up the High Hand Jackpot early. The small blind goes into the HHJ each hand, so we were basically just putting money in Ollie's piggy bank every hand. He didn't seem to mind too much!

My start wasn't nearly as fast as Ollie's, and I found myself down a few dollars early in this $20 buy-in, dealers choice limit game. I had decided to tighten my opening range and muck any hands that missed the flop. And that's exactly what happened thru the first two laps around the table.

Things picked up for me on the third round and I was able to pick up a nice pot when Dealer Larry raised with K-K and I reraised with A-A. We had two callers, but were able to shake them with flop bets. Larry check-called my turn and river bets, with neither of us improving, but my pocket-rockets were good enough.

I rivered a full house the very next hand to win another pot and faster than a cat can lick his azz, I was up about $10 and ended the night with a $17 profit.

Bobby Dee and Ray-Ray led the pack, with both winning a little north of $20. J-Dawg, Gentleman Jim, and Farmer Harry took it on the chin, with Stamps walking away a little bruised up himself.

There's no poker at Tin Man's this week, as everyone is scattered for the Christmas weekend. We should be back to our regular Friday game next week.

Till next time, win the flips!


  1. "and faster than a cat can lick his azz ..."

    lol Is this a Texas saying?

  2. LOL!

    Actually, that's the Readers Digest version. The complete quote from my father is "Faster than a cat can lick his azz with his tail in the air and his tongue halfway across the hole."

    I sure miss my dad :)