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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NFL Picks Contest- Picks Due Today!

It's already time for your picks for Week 4 of the Small Potatoes NFL Picks Contest (Part Duex).

Last week was pretty much a cakewalk for everyone, with both the Niners and Pats winning handily.

There is a game Thursday, so I need to have your pick in no later than midnight (CST) Wednesday. There will be no reprieves this week, so be sure to get your pick in today!

The teams listed next to your name are off the board for you and cannot be picked again.

Good luck everyone!

ohcowboy12go- (Detroit, Cincy, New England)
Memphis MOJO- (New England, Cincy, San Fran)
Neophyte- (New England, Pittsburgh, San Fran)
Music City Momma- (Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England)
Vegas Vic- (Green Bay, Atlanta, New England)
Two Minute Warning- (San Francisco, Cincy, New England)

Undercover- (New England, NY Jets, San Fran)
Captain Crunch- (Dallas, Cincy, New England)
bungbert- (New England, Pittsburgh, San Fran)
lightning36- (Detroit, Atlanta, San Fran)
Grange95- (San Fran, Atlanta, New England)
Very Josie- (San Fran, Atlanta, New England)

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