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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vegas Invaded By Alien Cows!

Our trip to Vegas to celebrate Ms. Lucki Duck's birthday was uneventful. Our flight actually arrived early and our baggage was "coming 'round the mountain" as we arrived at the carosel. Nice.

We caught the shuttle over to the rental car center to pick up the car and were on our way to the Orleans. However, we changed our plans, deciding to head over to the Walmart on Spring Mountain at Paradise and pick up our supplies for the week. A few snacks and drinks, and we headed to the hotel. Check in was fast and easy, as it always is at the Orleans, and we were finally in our room and decided to rest for a few minutes before heading out for dinner.

Ms. Lucki Duck has had back issues for the past three months (she had surgery about 15 years ago), but had been feeling better the past few days, including this one. However, when she laid on the bed, her lower back spasmed. Ouch!

It wasn't pretty.

It took forty-five minutes, a pain-killer and muscle relaxer got her mobile again. Since she wasn't feeling well, we decided to stay and eat on the property.and ended up at Subway. She was feeling better by the time we finished, so we walked the casino and found a couple of penny video slot machines to play.

"Alien Invaders From the Planet MooLah" was our choice. If you've never played this machine, let me tell you, it is hilarious! The "wild" symbols are cows, which are beamed aboard the alien UFO's that are piloted by cows, then disappear from the screen. They are replaced by other symbols that are also beamed aboard by the multi-talented bovines. Fun, fun, fun!

I guarantee that the game designers were on some strong hallucinogens when they came up with this one!

We each donated about $20 to the alien cow cause and headed to our room for the night.

The best news of the trip thus far is that Ms. Lucki Duck awoke to minimal back pain this morning, which is her birthday. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be pain free for her.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Thanks for the update and Happy Birthday to Ms. Ducki.

  2. Happy Bday Mrs Lucki Duck. Watch out for flying cows. I just ducked out of the way of one flying down the strip near Harrahs today.

  3. @ MOJO- Thanks, I'll let her know.

    @ Neo- Yeah, people might think you've had too much fun in Vegas if you told them you were beamed aboard an alien cow spacecraft :o)