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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cash Game at WinStar

As I mentioned in my previous post, Bobby Dee and I drove north to Oklahoma to compete in a $175 no-limit, freeze-out tournament at the WinStar Casino. Both of us fell a little short of cashing, so after a bite at one of the restaurants in the casino, we decided to try our luck at the cash games.

Our game of preference was $1-2 NLHE, but there were around 60 people on the waiting list. We only had a couple hours left before heading home, so that wasn't an option. The $1-3 NLHE only had 20-something on the list, so we signed up and waited. It took about half an hour before we were seated (at separate tables), and started pitching cards.

I bought in for $200 and limped from UTG with T-8 soooted, only to be raised and then 3-bet. For some reason, which I find hard to explain as I write this, I decided to call. A swing and a miss on the flop, and I was down $18 on the first hand.

The second hand I peeked down at A-J and open raised to $10, only to get re-popped to $24 pre-flop. Once again I didn't connect on the flop and had to fold to a continuation bet and found myself down another $24.


My third hand was pocket nines. Since the action had been so wild in the first two hands, I decided to open limp from middle position, assuming someone would raise anyway. It folded to the button, who bumped it to $10. Both blinds mucked and I called the additional seven bucks. A ten high flop looked pretty good for my hand, so I tossed three redbirds and got called. The flop was another low, unconnected card, but I slowed down and checked. The villain bet $35 and then stared me down as I considered a call. I read this as weakness and made the call. The river was a queen, which was certainly in his range, but I still thought I could very well be ahead. Once again I checked and my nemesis slammed down a $80 bet along with the "I dare you to call" stare again. I still read weakness. A-K? Middle pair?

I made the tough call and was shown A-A.

Bad read.

Crap. Down $180 in three hands.

Ain't poker fun!

I pulled another $150 from my roll, thinking that I would call it a day if I lost it.

Things settled down for a lap or two as I didn't receive any playable hands. This was probably a good thing, giving me time to regain my composure and getting a better feel for the other players.

My next big hand came from the big blind. A middle position player raised to $10 and was called by "Mr. Stare Down." This time however, I was the one with pocket aces! I re-popped it to $25 and received calls from both players.

The flop hit me so hard it knocked me out of my chair. I got up, looked again, and almost fainted!

What's better than an A-A-K flop when you are holding A-A? Holding it with two players betting into you, that's what!

As first to act I checked and was pleased as villain #1 bet $25. Mr. Stare Down and I both called.

The turn was a repeat, with #1 pushing his last $25 in and MSD and I calling.

I pushed for my final $65 on the river and waited for the stare down from you know who. He hem-hawed before grudgingly making the call. After the hand of which I had gotten full value, I found myself sitting on $320, which was pretty good after such a horrible start.

A few hands later I held 3-5 of diamonds in the BB. With a raise to $10 and two callers, I decided to buy a ticket for this ride and tossed in $7. The flop was T-Q-6 with one diamond. I checked and was prepared to toss my hand, but it checked around. Another diamond hit on the turn and we checked around again. All I could figure is that I was up against a mid pair and/or A-K. The river was the jack of diamonds, giving me my flush. I bet $15, hoping someone may have completed a straight. One player folded, but the other raised to $50. I called and was shown a straight, so I scooped another nice pot.

When Bobby and I cashed out and headed for his truck, I was up $80 for the session. That's not a big win by any stretch, but after being down so much, I was pleased to walk away with a few extra shekels in my pocket.

We had a good time last Saturday and I'm sure there will be another trip in the near future. We'll probably take a few more players from our home game on the next trip.

Till next time, win the flips!


  1. What's better than an A-A-K flop when you are holding A-A

    Too bad they didn't have a high hand of the hour or something like that.

    What did it take for a bad beat? When I play in a new casino, I always ask, just in case, lol.

  2. Amazing that you actually made money on the quad hand. Good job!

  3. Winstar is something, isn't it? :) Hopefully your photo gives everyone some clue as to the sheer size of it. Very nicely played flopped quads. That was probably an instance where they weren't worried about you calling along because of the tough luck you ran into when you sat down - nicely done...

  4. if u were in Oklahoma ,then y do u have a pic of Buckingham Palace??