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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Texas Lottery Chronicles- "All or Nothing"

What up my little gamblin' degens? Today we try to siphon a lil' cashola from da' man with another Texas Lottery scratch off ticket. A few extra greenbacks will come in handy when the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

We're a 3-1 dog on "All or Nothing," but we'll consider the glass half-full until we learn otherwise.

To turn a profit on our $5 investment we must first scratch off our 12 numbers at the bottom of the ticket. Next, we scratch off the numbers that match ours on the Game Board section. The numbers surrounded in black are the money numbers. We count the number of matches and look at the Prize Legend to determine how much ammo we can afford to take out a few of the undead.

Let's pull out our lucky quarter and get this party started!

After scratching off the first six numbers we only have one match. I guess our best hope is to whiff the last six and collect 500 big 'uns.

On our second line we matched four more numbers, giving us five total. If we look at the Prize Legend, we see that we won...nothing.

Well that sucks. 

Looks like we're forced to go toe-to-toe with the Zombies. 

 She's with me. I like our chances.

Tickets                      12
Winners                     3
Investment             $65.00
Winnings                $20.00
Net                        ($45.00)


  1. AWESOME BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! Gambling.Zombies.Guns,and HotChicks toooooooooo!!!!!!! Solid A, SIR!!!!!!!! BRAVO BRAVO!!!!! u must b reading my mind with this one,sir. my roomies is building a pistol on an AR-15 platform for his bug out bag for the Zombie/FEMA/Black helicopter/Y2K Apocolypse and sheeeeeeeeit.. plus colorado has the Walking Dead scratchoffs too and i was just watching a very cheesy movie about zombies on Amazon too. time to double up on the aluninum foil in my sockhat. yr Jedi game is strong

    1. Strongly recommend Reynold's Wrap "Heavy Duty" foil. No time to scrimp on the generic crap when lives are on the line!

      Carry on soldier.

    2. too true, sir PLUS i just saw she has a KILLER TATTOO!!!!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ hot chicks with firearms( looks like beretta 92F/Taurus clone of 92F) and tatts truimph over losing lotto tixs

  2. These lottery tickets, although entertaining, are getting you nowhere fast, sir. Can you request winning tickets when you buy them?

    1. I do request only winners. It works about as well as asking the dealer for the winning river card. :/