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Sunday, September 14, 2014

NFL Picks Contest- Week 2 Picks

Here are the picks for this week's NFL Picks Contest. It looks like Bronco-mania is in full force.

lightning36- Denver
TwoMinuteWarning- Denver
Grange95- Denver
Full House538- Denver
cokeboy99-San Francisco

Music City Momma-Green Bay
Coach- Denver
MOJO-  Denver
Vegas Vic- Denver
Captain Crunch-Green Bay
grrouchie- Denver

One&Done- Denver
Neophyte-Green Bay
mrben09-  Denver

Please let me know if I missed your pick before the first games kickoff Sunday.

Good luck!!!


  1. When I saw these picks, I wondered what the heck angerisagift was doing. I guess he's wiser than I thought.