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Saturday, September 6, 2014

NFL Picks Contest- Week 1 Picks

Here are the picks for this week's NFL Picks Contest. It looks like the Iggles are the pick 'o the day.

Should be fun!

lightning36- Philadelphia
TwoMinuteWarning- Chicago
Grange95- Chicago
Full House538- New England
cokeboy99- Philadelphia

Music City Momma- Pittsburgh
Coach- Philadelphia
MOJO-  Philadelphia
Vegas Vic- Philadelphia
Captain Crunch- Philadelphia
grrouchie- Philadelphia

One&Done- Philadelphia
angerisagift- Kansas City
Neophyte- Philadelphia
mrben09-  Philadelphia

Please let me know if I missed your pick before the first games kickoff Sunday.

Good luck!!!


  1. As usual I'm not participating since I don't follow the regular season closely enough to have a shot. Then I see MrBen is in and he hates football. He actually thinks that game they play across the pond where you can't use your hands is "football." How embarrassing will it be if he wins it? But I guess my money's on MOJO, he knows how to keep his cool under pressure.

    Now....the gal in your previous post, the blonde in the bikini...can I marry her? Please?

  2. i can feel the tension in my plums. getting all swollen with a purple haze. ready 4 the pickin.

  3. So happy I went with the stinking Iggles this week. Down 14-0 in the first quarter. They play football like I play poker, lose 100 bucks then have to grind like hell just to get back to even

  4. 17-0 down to come back and score 34 unopposed. I'll take it for week 1. So question? Why is the home team listed second in every game. Weird.
    Rob, I wouldn't say I hate the game, I haven't watched enough to hate, but I do find it odd that's it called football,when only one member of the squad gets to use his foot, and that's all he does. Anyway Sky's coverage is getting better in the UK, so I may take more of an interest here on. And I seem to have picked the same team as most here, so I must know something. Right ? :)

    1. Ben, I've never bother to research why we call it football, I suppose it is odd. The books made a killing yesterday, so many upsets against the spread. I suppose picking teams out of a hat would have just as good a chance.

      Right, Mr. Duck? :)

    2. When it comes to the NFL, that's probably an accurate statement. Seems like most of the games are toss-ups.

      I agree with the observation about American "football."

      But, wouldn't calling the game known here as "soccer," but around the world as "football" be more accurate if it was called "kickball?" :)