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Friday, September 5, 2014

NFL Picks Contest- Sign Up Today! (Bumped)

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! Don't miss the fun!!!


If you participated in my NFL Picks Contest the last two years (and your name isn't Memphis MOJO), I hope you'll sign up for this contest and try to redeem your name. Right now, you're a loser and an embarrassment to both your family and the blogging community.

MOJO has won the first two contests and will be back to see if he can 3Peat.

Are you the one to take him down?

Here's your chance to redeem yourself.

You don't have to be a blogger, all readers of this missive are welcome to join in the fun!

Once again, the winner will receive either a tee shirt or sweatshirt with the logo of your favorite NFL team emblazoned on it. Cool!

Here are the rules;

1) You pick the winner of one NFL game each week. Must be a Sunday or Monday game (no Thursday or Saturday games).

2) If your pick wins, you receive 10 points.

3) You will receive additional points based on margin of victory. One point for each point your team wins by. For example, if you pick the Steelers to win this week and they are victors by a score of 29-17, you would receive 22 points for the week, 10 for the win and 12 for the margin of victory (29 minus 17 = 12).

4) If your pick loses, you receive 0 points for picking the winner and points will be deducted based on margin of loss. For example, if you picked the Raiders and they lost by a score of 30-14, you would have 16 points deducted from your point total (30 minus 14 = 16).

5) The person with the most points at the conclusion of the Super Bowl will be declared the winner and will receive a free shirt. If there is a tie, whomever picked the most "winners" on the season will win the tie breaker. If there is still a tie, then all players who are tied for first will receive a shirt.

Sign up today by either commenting below or e-mailing me at Deadline to sign up is September 6th and your pick will also need to be in by 6pm (CDT) that same day.

Thursday and Saturday games are not eligible for this contest (too hard for me to keep up with), but that still leaves the majority of each week's schedule (Sunday and Monday) from which to choose.

Sign up today and let's have some fun!