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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Casino Party. Old School!

As many of you know, Ms. Duck and I have a sideline business that hosts casino parties in the Waco area (CLICK HERE for more info on the biz).

We had a party that was a little out of the ordinary yesterday. It was strange in a couple ways. First, it was held in the middle of the day (2-4pm), when almost all of them are at night. Second, it was at a retirement home.

I usually run our craps table, and it's hard enough to explain the game to the average person. To attempt to explain it to senior citizens brings it to a whole new level of difficulty. But, when all was said and done, everyone had a blast and learned how to make a pass line bet with odds, a place bet, field bet, and hard way bet.

"7 come 11! Grandbaby need a new pair of shoes!"

Ms. Duck directing traffic at the roulette table.
In addition to the casino games, there was food, and live music with dancing. An all around good time.

The name of the band?

The Morticians.

At a retirement home.

Gotta love the irony!


  1. i didnt even know u lived in waco, let alone anything else. i do know however theres a daily shuttle bus to winstar from waco

    1. I thinkit's ten bucks to go to Winstar on the bus, but they buy your lunch when you get there.

      Strange thing is that I've never been to Winstar.

    2. I think it's awesome that TBC knows that's there's a $10.00 shuttle from Winstar to Waco, and Ithink it's impossible that you've never been to Winstar Mr. Duck... :)