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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Day at the Auction

Several times a year, Ms. Duck and I attend estate auctions at an auction house in Prez Bush's old stomping grounds (Crawford). We purchase treasures, clean or repair them, then resell them in our booth or online.

While attending last Saturday, the auctioneer asked $25 for a parakeet vase.


"$20? How 'bout $15 then? $10? $5?"

More crickets.

"$4, $3, $2?"

I bid, figuring how wrong can you go for two bucks?

"What are you doing?" asked my lovely wife.

"Making money!"

Ms. Duck: *eye roll*

After looking at our treasure I'm afraid she may be right :)

Unfazed, I bid ten bucks on a pair of peach pheasants.

Another eye roll from you know who :)

But, they are 15" tall, so I'm pretty sure I can sell them for more than $5 each. Right?

I made it up by placing the winning $10 bid on the face vase Ms. Duck had her eye on.

My best investment of the day.

Peace offering.

Win, win!


  1. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u buy any scratch off lotto tix change of scenery and all

  2. What a gambler... :) You'll be able to sell that parakeet vase for $19.99 to a bird lover somewhere...