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Friday, August 8, 2014

Cancer Returns-Update

Mom with my older sister.

When we last met, Mom was trying to decide whether to proceed with the radiation and chemo therapy that had been prescribed. Her weight was a slight 85 pounds and our fear was additional weight loss. When you're that small there is not much of a cushion.

My sisters were both leaning towards not having the treatment, because the chance of remission was not good (35% at best). My thought was that 35% is a lot better that 0% and she should go for it. If our fears (sickness and weight loss) were realized, she could suspend the treatment knowing she had at least given it her best shot.

So, she decided to go for it.

The protocol called for six chemo sessions and 30 radiation treatments over a six week period. The radiation is in her upper lung and also very near her esophagus, which could cause her throat to become very sore, thus making it hard to swallow. Because of that, the doctors suggested a feeding tube be implanted to help with her nutrition requirements.

She decided to pass on the tube.

Mom will complete her twentieth radiation treatment today and has already had four chemo sessions. Thus far her weight has held pretty steady, with only a two pound weight loss. She has developed thrush (from the chemo) which is causing a fair amount of discomfort, but she is being treated for that and we hope she'll start to feel better this weekend.

Although she was prescribed nausea drugs, she has still gotten sick several times over the last month and the radiation has made her very tired, so she sleeps a lot.

Overall, I am pleased with how she's doing. And very impressed with the fight she is putting up.

Two more weeks and she will be finished with this part of the journey. The doctors will let the chemo and radiation percolate for a few weeks and then start testing to see if it worked.

I expect we will all experience a high when the treatment is done, and then high anxiety as the test date draws near.

Please keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers as she continues the battle.


  1. very impressed with the fight she is putting up.

    If I'm ever in this situation, I hope others can say the same thing about me.

  2. Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers Lucki...

  3. Success is relative. Not bad considering how bad things could get. Hoping for the best ... : o )