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Monday, July 7, 2014

Vegas or Bust Poker League

It's been a busy month around the Duck household, and I realized I haven't posted June's tournament results. Our July tournament is this Friday, so I thought I better get with it if I was going to say anything about last month's.

The tournament was the night before my trip to Las Vegas, so it had been a busy day at work, trying to tie up all the loose ends before taking a week's vacation. I didn't have time to go home before the tournament started, so I headed straight to Tin Man's to pitch some cards, knowing I would have to pack when I got home.

Long day.

J-Dawg had another engagement and missed the tournament, which would normally kill you, but we drop the two lowest scores of each player at the end of the league so a miss won't wipe out your chances.

As I mentioned earlier, the tournament happened several weeks ago, so the hand details have pretty much escaped me, but I do remember a couple.

Philly Phanatic was the first to go, followed by Big Daddy. Bobby Dee went out early, but the rest of us stuck around a while before Ollie the Accountant finally fell on his sword.

Tin Man, who won the first tournament was next, then Stamps let his stack get very short and had to push with a weak ace and was out kicked by a bigger one when the dealing was done.

Ranger Rick played well, but ran into some bad luck late when he called my push and flipped over A-Q, which was well ahead of my 6-4 soooted. I know 6-4 sounds like a bad play, but I was the short stack (5 BB) and felt like I would have a lot of outs if called. I flopped two pair and then boated on the river, crippling Rick, who received his toe-tag on the very next hand.

That left Lil' Annie Okie and I heads up, which is interesting only because we won the two WSOP seats last year.

The blinds were big and we traded chips without seeing too many flops. Annie pushed with K-J and I called with pocket nines. Annie thought she had won the hand when she paired her jack on the river, but quickly realized that the jack had given me a straight.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky lucki than good :)

I have a first and a second place finish in our first two tourneys, which gets me out of the gate in good shape. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a strong showing again Friday.

CLICK HERE for the current standings.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. And water is wet... Very nice start.

  2. Besides having two trips on the line, it sounds like a fun group to play with.