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Friday, July 25, 2014

Texas Lottery Chronicles- Cash Extravaganza!

That's right, back by popular demand (angerisagift), it's Texas Lottery time again! This time we'll be taking a shot at the big bucks with a $5 Cash Extravaganza scratch-off ticket.

Odds of this ticket becoming a winner is 3.86-1. The top prize is $100K (800K-1 odds. VERY minus EV).

The ticket features 5 different games. In the first game, the object is to match the "Lucky Prize Amounts." Let's pull out our lucky quarter and see what happens.

Although we didn't match the top prize, we did hit for $5, so at worse we'll break even!

On to the second game.

The object in game #2 is to match one of our numbers to the "Winning Numbers" on the left side of the ticket. Let's see if we can keep the momentum headed in our direction :)

Twelve numbers and we whiffed 'em all.

Games 3,4, and 5 are all the same. We want the two amounts in each circle to match. If they do, we win that prize. Don't fail us now lucky quarter!

Too bad matching prizes in any of the circles doesn't count. That hundo would come in handy!

Cash Extravaganza wasn't a winner...but it wasn't a loser either. Guess we'll do what everyone else does and go cash this one in for another $5 ticket.

Tickets                      7
Winners                     2
Investment             $35.00
Winnings                  $15.00
Net                        ($20.00)


  1. I must admit that I also enjoy these posts for some reason. Maybe because it is like playing but not taking the inevitable loss.

    1. what blog r u reading?????????? he didnt lose like futbol it was a draw

  2. Once in a while I buy a power ball ticket. If I win (haha), at least it will be a biggie.

  3. FINALLY,a lotto post. the power of prayer.