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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two J's, J-Dawg and Josie

After three weeks I was finally able to join my peeps at J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza Tuesday evening. Three weeks ago J-Dawg had a softball game, so poker night was cancelled. Two weeks ago he was in Vegas, and last week poker night was on my birthday, so I missed it to be with my family.

Needless to say, it was good to see everyone again!

Farmer Harry brought pizza and J-Dawg had some left-over halloween cupcakes which were messy, but tasty. We had 12 runners pitchin' cards and talkin' smack, each had invested $20 for a seat at this dealer's choice limit game.

I started slow, getting the silver metal in several early hands. As you know, second doesn't pay well in poker and I was down $8 before getting my chair warm. Things turned around nicely and when I got up from the table I had booked a $22 profit. SAH-WEET!

Farmer Harry won the High Hand Jackpot with quad queens while playing Omaha. He hit his quads on the fourth hand of the night and it held up for the next three hours. Nice one Harry!

David the Cable Guy and Larry the Accountant were the biggest losers on the night, with Cable Guy getting rivered time and time again. It was ugly.

It was great seeing the J-Dawg crew again and winning a little coin made it even better!


Very Josie excepted, I had a nice night on Full Tilt last night. I shipped two $6-18 man tourneys, and also picked up a fourth in another and a seventh in a $6-90 man.

It's tough busting early on a 90 man final table. First place pays $144, seventh $13.50. As you can see, it's a huge difference, but I still netted around $45 for my efforts last night.

I played tight early in Josie's tourney, picking up a few blinds along the way, but not really getting any traction. My first showdown hand was against heffmike. Mike had been raising wide from the cutoff and button, trying to steal blinds. I finally got a hand (A-5 off) that I thought was good enough to play back at him.

I missed a J high flop but c-bet and was called by heffmike. The turn was an eight and we both checked. The river was another blank, but I felt Mike was weak, either holding a busted straight draw of perhaps second or third pair. I thought I could push him off his hand and bet a little over 1/2 pot on the river. Unfortunately, Mike called and tabled top pair, relieving me of about a third of my stack.

I looked up heffmike's stats after the hand and noted that he is a top player, boasting an impressive 21% ROI at an average $20 buy-in. Wish I had looked that up before tangling with him in that pot!

Note to self: stay away from heffmike in the future!

I was able to build my stack up a little over the $3000T starting stack when we hit the final table. Sitting to my left was fmarra17, another top player. Kee-rap!

Blinds were getting high when Josie open raised from the button. I was sitting on A-J offsuit in the SB, not a hand you want to play out of position. Josie's play is similar to Gary's and heffmike's in that she will open raise light from late position in order to swipe the blinds. I thought that might be what was going on here and decided to shove in order to isolate, figuring I probably had the best hand and might pick up a nice uncontested pot.

That's when Frankie (fmarra17) re-shoved from the BB.


Josie folded (she claims A-Q) and Frankie showed A-K, dominating my A-J. I didn't hit my three outer and although I had Frankie covered, I was crippled and busted a couple hands later.

So, once again I came up a little short in the Very Josie, but what a fun time with a bunch of blogging degens!

Win the flips!

Happy trails.