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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tourney At Tin Man's

We had 13 runners show for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tournament last night. Unfortunately, your friendly blogger did not last long in this one.

We were at the third level of blinds ($3-6) and I had built my $100 starting stack to $120 when I was dealt A-K sOOOted in middle position. There was one limper in front of me, so I popped it to $16. It folded around to the small blind, Lil' Debbie, who called. The BB and limper both folded, so Deb and I were heads up.

The flop was Q-J-7 rainbow and Lil' Debbie checked. I c-bet $24 with my gut shot straight draw and two overs. Debbie called.

The turn was a 4. Debbie hesitated, then checked. I checked behind.

The river was an offsuit 8 and Debbie checked again. When she hesitated on the turn,I was afraid she might have a set, but when she checked the river, I knew she was weak and bet out $36.

"I'm too deep to fold now" she said. "I call."

Then she tables 4-2 sOOOted, pairing her 4 and crippling me.


I busted shortly after that in eighth place. Random Order and Bluffing Bev chopped first place.

I was able to make back my $5 entry fee, plus another $4 in the cash game. There weren't any real big pots, just a slow building of chips. I did manage to bluff Tin Man, Jaime, and Bondo Chris off of an orphan pot with 9 high. It was kinda fun showing that one!

Till next time, win the flips!

Happy trails.


  1. Then she tables 4-2 sOOOted, pairing her 4 and crippling me.

    They do love some soooted cards.

  2. Hang in there Wolfman!

    Yeah Mojo, we make fun of the players & their sOOOted cards... until someone gets hurt. And that someone is you! Ouch.