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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Even Steven

A fun time at Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney. We had 11 runners sit down at two tables to pitch a few cards.

Players were falling left and right early, most becoming victims of horrendous suck-outs. Play settled down for a while and an hour and a half into the tourney, we were down to four.

I was able to steal a couple pots, c-betting missed flops in position, but as we hit the bubble, both Sonny Boy and I were short-stacked, with Music Man and Lil' Annie Okie both sitting on large stacks.

Down to 3BB at $25/50 blinds, I open shoved K-T sOOOted and was called by Sonny Boy's A-J offsuit. Neither of us paired the board and Sonny Boy had me covered, so that ended my tournament play for the night.

Being Bubble Boy sucks.

Sonny Boy didn't last much longer, but cashed in third, with Music Man and Lil' Annie Okie chopping the first prize money.

In the $2 buy-in cash game, play was once again wild and wooley! I played TAG poker, but kept missing flops and had to re-buy a couple of times. As the time got late, most of the players left and we played four handed for the last hour. I opened up my ranges and had more success as a lagtard.

The most interesting hand of the night involved Sonny Boy and myself. Sonny Boy open limped from the SB and I popped it to 50 cents from the BB with the hammer. The flop hits me HARD, 7-2-K for bottom two. Sonny Boy bets 50 cents and I push. He only had a little over $2 in his stack and I had him covered. He insta-called and I apologized before tabling my two pair. I was certain he had called with top pair and was in trouble.

Tin Man asked, "You raised with that crap?" Umm... yes.

The turn was a blank, but the river paired Sonny's jack kicker, giving him the hand and the table went crazy!

"You deserved that one!" said the Philly Phanatic. Maybe. I can't believe the hammer failed me!

We called it a might soon after and I cashed out for a $5 profit, exactly my buy-in for the tournament.

Even steven!

Till next time, win the flips!

Happy trails.


  1. Bubbling is always a bummer!

    Would you be willing to swap blog links with me? I've already added you to mine @

    Gl at the tables,

  2. @ James-

    Yeah, bubbling stinks. Sometimes it seems like I have a Black Belt in it!

    Nice website brother, welcome to the rotation!

    Best of luck to you.