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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tin Man Tourney

Entered a $5 "small potatoes" NLHE tournament at "Tin Man's" house last night.



"Big Daddy" knocked his girlfriend (or maybe ex-girlfriend now!) out on the first hand when he turned two pair (A-T), felting girlfriend's TPTK (A-K).

We were down to four players (paid three) when the "Philly Fanatic" (Eagles fan) and "Tin-Man" got it AIPF with Philly dominating with a bigger ace. But, alas, they chopped it when both made a straight, keeping Tin-Man alive.

A couple hands later, I shoved my A-Q UTG for 4BB and was called by Tin-Man's A-8.

Of course, there was an 8 in the window and I didn't improve and was left with only 30 chips. I survived one more AI, but busted on the next one.

The cash game was much better for me, buying in for $2 and cashing out for $25. Nice! I kept making hands and getting called down by second and third pair by "Philly Fanatic," "Big Daddy" and his girlfriend (Debbie). That's a profitable combo!

My son came along to play for the first time in a while and cashed in the tourney, but lost a little in the cash game. It was fun having him around and hopefully, he'll join us again soon.

I hope everyone's having a fun, safe, and profitable weekend.

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