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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pitching A Few Cards

Ms. Lucki Duck and I have a home business called Vegas...To Go!, which provides casino parties to the locals and helps us pay college expenses for our kids.

Wednesday, we are providing the equipment and dealers for a NLHE Charity Tournament. It's for a friend, so we are doing it at cost, so the organization will make as much as possible.

The play at these types of tourneys is atrocious, with players calling down an all-in with 8 high... seriously.

Usually, about half the field has never played poker before, so play is slow because of player's questions and having to constantly explain the rules. Splashing the pot is always a problem as well as improper raises, etc. However, we try to keep it light and make it enjoyable for everyone. After all, they are there to support the charity and have a good time.

I'll be sure to post any unusual plays. And I'm sure there will be plenty!


  1. Wait! Do you provide the hot chicks too?

  2. We don't provide them Waffles, but there are always some there!

  3. What kind of legal status does this have within your state?

  4. ducky will you be a dealer or a player for the event?

  5. Josie- dealing.

    lightning- No cash prizes. Most clients will buy prizes for their parties to raffle off. We sell raffle tickets to the players, using the money they win at the casino games. That keeps it legal.