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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Live!

Played the Friday night $5 tourney at Tin Man's house.

I couldn't get any decent cards early and was pretty much a folding machine. After the blinds ate up about 20% of my stack, I doubled up with A-3 in the BB. The flop was 3-3-K. I checked and the Philly Phanatic checked behind. The turn was an ace, boating me. I bet 1/3 pot, hoping Philly had an ace. He called. The river was a brick and I shoved the rest of my stack and was called by A-Q. Maybe Philly should have raised from the button preflop?

I was able to pick up a few small pots late to stay alive, but my 8-7 soooooted was called by Philly's A-K soooooted. Unfortunately for me, all four hole cards were diamonds. Of course, there were three more of the gems on the board, giving Philly the nut flush and knocking me out in second for a $10 profit.

The $2 cash game started well for me, with a triple up on my second hand when my pocket kings held up.

The most interesting hand of the night was between myself and Big Daddy, who had around a $40 stack, huge for a $2 buy-in game. I limped from UTG with A-Q of clubs, hoping Big Daddy would overplay a weaker hand, which he is prone to do. Philly Phanatic limped behind and Big Daddy raised to 70 cents. Both Philly and I called.

The flop was A-5-4, all hearts, and I bet $1.40 into a $2+ pot to see where I was. Philly called, which put him all-in. Big Daddy also called.

The turn was the 7 of spades and I checked. Big Daddy shoves.


I have a pretty good read on him and he looks uncomfortable. I have a $7 stack left, so this is a big call, one I eventually make. Big Daddy tables pocket kings, one of them a heart, giving him the nut flush draw. The river is an offsuit 6 and I rake a nice $16 side pot, with Philly winning the main pot with A-7 for two pair.

Overall I left with a $23 profit. Not bad for a $7 investment. If only I could do that well in the stock market!

Happy Trails.