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Sunday, April 25, 2010

So, How Would You Play It?

I was going over my last hand in the Tournament Indicator Tournament I played last night. I was in middle position with AKc. Blinds were $800-1600T with a $100T ante. I had an average stack of around 22K. The player to my right, whom I have covered, raises 2.5X. I call to look at a flop before committing all my chips. The player to my left, who has been fairly laggy (loose/ aggressive), pushes. He has me covered. The table folds, including the original raiser, and it's back to me.

What would you do here, and why?

My thought was that he had been laggy and there were only two hands that crush me (AA & KK). I had <10BB and I just couldn't see folding this big a hand here. He could have pocket pair (I was willing to take a flip), but he could also make this move with AQ, AJ, or even napkins. If I win the hand, I'm chip leader with 45K+ with 36 players left and a $600+ first prize. Alas, he shows me KK and the Duck gets shot down.



  1. I think you played it okay, although they say A-K is a better hand to go all in on than to call an all in.

    Even against K-K, you were only a 3:1 dog, sometimes an ace comes, and, if so, you can win the whole thing. Tough luck.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Mojo. I agree with your point on calling with AK. I also hate to get too many chips in preflop with it, since it's a drawing hand.

    It's called "walking back to Houston" for a reason!