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Friday, April 23, 2010

Small Potatoes

Welcome aboard everyone!

I began playing poker in 2003 after watching a season of the World Poker Tour. I know many feel that poker boomed because of the "Moneymaker Effect," but I think that the WPT had as much to do with the boom, if not more.

My first action was at a local bar and pool hall, where it cost $5 to play (to pay the dealers) with no prize money. It was fun, but I soon began playing in a small stakes home game. I currently play in that same game all these years later and have added another home game, so I'm sitting at a poker table two nights a week.

I also play on Full Tilt as "Lucki Duck" and Poker Stars as "PokerDonk3y." I generally play at the $5-6 level and am often told that it's "small potatoes," thus the title of this blog. I prefer the 18 man sit-n-go tournaments, but occasionally will play an MTT.

I hope to share a few poker stories and some hands I've played. Hopefully they'll be interesting!

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