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Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Tilted

A few new friends of mine got together for a couple of sit-n-goes on Full Tilt last night.

Very Josie
, G-man, and Frankie (fmarra17) played a couple tourneys, but of the four of us, only Frankie was able to cash, limping in for a third place finish in the first game and shipping the second one. WTG Franco!

I suffered what I call being "Full Tilted" (bad beat) in both games. In the first SNG, I raised from the cutoff with AA and was re raised by the button who had QQ. We got it all-in preflop and an innocent flop left the villain with just two outs. Wheeeee! I'm an 12-1 favorite now, what could possibly go wrong? Turn is a Q... ah, the sluts strike again! Villain had me covered, so that was that.

In the second game, I was short stacked and pushed from middle position with A8 off. I'm called by A7 off and fade the flop. Villain is down to three outs, so I'm looking good as an 8-1 favorite. But alas, the turn brings a 7 and I'm a dead duck after being "Full Tilted."

The odds of losing both of those back to back. Almost 100-1, but I run good like that!

The banter between Josie, G-Man, Franko and myself was much more interesting than the poker. VJ was her usual sharp-tongued self, firing off salvos left and right. I loved it! Then she started talking about being "soft and squishy'" but I don't know if she was referring to her body or her poker game. I've only witnessed one. Here's exhibit A, Your Honor:

Position Username Profit
1 fmarra17 $17
2 Antifermion $8
3 looseygoosey16 $3.50
4 toby148 -$5.50
5 Lucki Duck -$5.50
6 gpjacobs -$5.50
7 chasesavoy -$5.50

8 veryjosie -$5.50

9 HeyMikeyy -$5.50

You be the judge, but I'm going with her game!

A great evening shared with the "Fun Bunch!" I can't wait for round 2!


  1. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....
    1.) I didn't call myself soft and squishy, I was called that! For the record, you wouldn't believe how soft my skin is, but squishy....maybe in a few places.

    2.) You KNOW how bad the beats were last night but go ahead pick on me.

    3.) Not a bad post for a 60 yr old guy. you make Coop seem young!

    4.) Sharp-tongued? You're not the first guy to mention my tongue. :P

    5.) No hyperlink to my blog? -1 for you!

  2. VJ- I tried to link you (that sounds so wrong!), and G-man, but it didn't work. Sorry.

    Perhaps a young, hard-bodied lady could let me know the secret!

    Or maybe you could ;o)

  3. You know if I want insults, I can get them on my own site!

    It's not my job to teach the elderly of TX how to use a goddamn computer!

    I never claimed to be young or hardbodied....only female and fabulous.

  4. Oooo you linked me! And right at the beginning of your post! :) Me likey! See how easy it is to make a woman happy!

  5. PSSSTT Duck. Keep her happy!!! LOL. Don't you just love the bad beats. Sounds like you had a couple of doozies

  6. Coop- Thanks for the "heads up" on VJ!

    As far as the bad beats go, I figured out that if you can get it in bad on Full Tilt, you're actually the favorite. It's like Bizarro World!