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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Texas Lottery Chronicles- Bingo Mania

Residence "jinx" expert, angerisagift demanded a lottery post in order to cancel a jinx I have placed on the Astros. It seems that my bragging about them in my previous post has brought forth this darkness. And when it comes to superstition etiquette, recreational drug quality control, and all things voodoo, anger is my "go to" guy.

So, here we go!

Todays entry is "Bingo Mania" and is a $3 ticket. As with any bingo game, we need to get five in a row, up, across, or diagonally. Also, an "X" pattern and four corners will bring some cashola. There is a "FREE" square on each board as well as a star, which is also a free square. Top prize is $50k and there's also a bonus game where we can win either ten or twenty-five dollars. Odds of a cash are 4-1 against.

Let's try the BONUS game first.

Dang. Lemon. Wrong fruit.

There are 24 "Caller's Numbers," so let's scratch off six at a time and see where we are.

So far it looks like card 4 is our best shot, with three numbers in the bank on the diagonal. If we complete it, a portrait of President Jackson will be ours.

Let's complete the first line of the "Callers Numbers."

We didn't really gain much with those six numbers. We do have three numbers to a line bingo on several cards now. Let's plow forward!

We picked up another number on card 4, so now all we need is "O-65" for the win!

Fingers crossed (anger said that would help) as we scratch off the final six numbers and learn our fate.

Close, but no cigar...or cash.

Dang, another loser. I may have to reconsider my retirement planning.

At least I know my Astros will win tonight. Right anger?

Tickets                      13
Winners                     3
Investment             $68.00
Winnings                $20.00
Net                        ($48.00)


  1. exactly ASTROS R A LOCK!!!!!!!!!!! unless P3 tweets about them LOL jk

    1. uhoh this is deeper than a jinx. this is Jade Helm black ops SHEEEEEEIT!! think about the Rockets and Astros in Texas keep ppl focused on sports than BOOM!!!!! govt takeover

    2. I blame the terrorists. They're 0-1 in Texas this week :)

    3. LOL nice . i saw that the Great State of Texas may pass a law making MJ legal 4 adults.SWEEEEEET!!!

  2. I think you are scratching these wrong or something ...